laberge Prof. Danielle Laberge 

Professor of Project Management & Governance

Professor Danielle Laberge holds a PhD in Project Management & Governance and Leadership. She joined the UQAM faculty in 1982 and was appointed Provost in 2001, a position she held until 2006. Professor Laberge is a specialist in research methods, her previous research has concentrated on the areas of social exclusion, poverty and especially homelessness. She presently works on questions relating to team dynamics, conflict management and communication within organizations.

renalt Michelle Renault 

Professor of Master Administration 

Professor Michelle Renault is the director of the Master of Administration program at ESG UQAM and the co-founder of Revenue Quebec. A member of the Association of Quebec Women in Finance Foundation, Professor Renault has taught Managerial Accounting at universities in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia.

benabu Charles Benabou

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor Charles Benabou has thirty years of experience as a full professor in the subjects of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at UQAM. Professor Benabou has received high ratings from students in Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Peru, and other countries where UQAM offers its programs, as well as a prize from the Minister of Education of Quebec for excellence in the field of organizational learning.

havey Jean Harvey

Professor of Operations Management

Professor Jean Harvey teaches Operations Management at ESG UQAM. He is also the director of research at the RBC Chair in Financial Service Management and a member of the board of governors of the Transat Chair in Tourism and the American Operations Management Society. Professor Harvey has received a number of national and international awards for his teaching and research, and is frequently invited to speak at international conferences.

auby Monique Aubry

Professor of Project Management

Professor Monique Aubry is a full professor in the School of Business and Management at UQAM where she teaches Project Management. She is a member of the Project Management Research Chair, and has previously worked as a project manager in a major Canadian financial group.

 lam-nguyen Lam Nguyen

Associate Professor of Management

Professor Lam Nguyen received his PhD in management from Webster University. He is an associate professor at the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and has been a senior lecturer at Colorado State and other universities in the U.S.


 nicolas Howard Nicholas

Professor of Economics

Professor H.B.V. Nicholas holds a PhD in economics and is currently a senior lecturer at the Institute of Social Studies in The Netherlands. He teaches Economics and the Sociopolitical Context of a Firm.


Nigel Bairstow

Professor of Channel Marketing Relationships

Professor Nigel Bairstow holds a PhD in marketing from the University of Technology (UTS), Australia. He has worked in various marketing roles for Alcan Aluminum Company, Komatsu, and Atlas Copco, winning two 3M global marketing awards for best marketing practice. His research interests include the topic of "Alienation in Channel Marketing Relationships."

 elia Elie Elia

Professor of Information Technology

Professor Elie Elia holds a PhD in industrial engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. He is a founder of L.I.R.T.A., a living lab of practitioners, experts and researchers working on IT advancements in the business world. Professor Elia teaches Information Technology at ESG UQAM.

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