Freshmen Welcoming and Orientation Ceremony – UQAM EMBA COHORT 6 (2017 -2019)

In the conference hall of International School of Business (ISB) – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH), freshmen from Executive MBA – University Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) Program gathered at 6.00 PM November 13th, 2017 for the official Welcoming and Orientation Ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Managing Director of ISB – UQAM Director in Vietnam, CEO and Marketing Director of Cancham, Professor, all academic and administrative staff, alumnus, current students and freshmen students.

The first speaker was UQAM Director in Vietnam, Douglas Foster, who greeted students and introduced them with greatest successes last year. He also expressed warm welcome to all freshmen, encouraging them to study hard and work on constant improvement of themselves. He underlined that students can always find all kinds of support from staff of UQAM Program, and wished them all of success during studies.

Kelly Wong, CEO Cancham Alumni gave speech about Networking of ISB and Cancham, Alumni membership, scholarship of Cancham for students.

At the end, alumnus of cohort 4 shared their study experience, knowledge approached to all freshmen.

All students got the Student Handbook, which contains the most important information for facilitating start of freshmen student days such as course structure, course information, academic regulations, UQAM online system guidelines and Academic Calendar and after the general welcoming ceremony.

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